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Aavegotchi was spawned in the midst of the summer of DeFi, in late 2020s. It’s a crypto collectibles game that allows you to summon Aavegotchis, pixelated ghosts, and roam the Gotchiverse, a spooky metaverse, where you can socialise and team up with your frens.

Aavegotchis double as yield-generating NFts with different rarity values, determined by their base traits, the wearables they posses and the amount of staked interest-generating aTokens.

The project has been making its way up as one of the most promising, fully on-chain games, with its unique combo of DeFi and NFTs . At BlackPool, we are super excited about how far they’ve come: hello GBM bid-to-earn auctions, Chainlink VRF and well thought-out tokenomics!

The full play-and-earn, social experiment of the Gotchiverse will firmly get you hooked. If you’re already an Aavegotchi aficionado or just entering the Gotchiverse, join the Aapegotchis, BlackPool’s Guild, and take part in eerie adventures with some of the most dedicated community members and players!

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